Fun activities for kick-offs and conferences

When a company is going to a conference or having a kick-off there is usually a need for conference rooms but often hand in hand they wish to experience a fun activity to bond or a team building exercise. With us here at Hällsnäs we offer a variety of fun things to do, a lot of them are focused on food and beverage as we’ve seen how appreciated it is but also health, relaxation and spa.

Experience a guided tasting of cheese and beverage perfectly combined

You’ll get to try 6 different cheeses of many different origins and styles. In combination you get to select what kind of beverage you wish to taste. A classic red wine? White is just as good or why not the bitterness from different kinds of beer and ale with the saltiness from the cheese? Naturally we offer a non alcoholic alternative as well.

Replace the conference room with our studio kitchen

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with a glass of bubble and the chance to mingle a bit. Then there’s an introduction of tonight’s menu and you’ll be divided into 3 teams. You’ll get to prepare a 3 course meal composed by our head chef specifically made for the evenings cooking with one of our chefs here at Hällsnäs. Everything you’ll be using on that night has been selected after season and availability.  After 2 hours working as a team to prepare the dinner whilst making conversation it’s time to hang your aprons and be seated to taste your masterpieces. Our sommelier will gladly help you with a drink package that is perfectly for your menu and our wine cellar is situated in the studio and well worth a visit.
Welcome to a different and exciting restaurant experience!

Brewery guided tour & Beer tasting

It all starts with the history of the building and about how it came to be a brewery. With a beer in hand you’ll get to hear about the brewing process from malt to finished product. Then you’re invited to sit down among the yeast tanks to sample what’s in stock for the time being. If you’d prefer a tasting with dinner at Hällsnäs our chefs will compose a menu in consultation with Rådanäs who’s investing in the combination of food and beer.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting is a way of learning more about the history, countries, regions and grapes. Under the guidance of our sommelier you’ll analyze the wine depending on colour, scent and flavour. You’ll get help to find the words describing its character and are thereby able to determine its quality.

The tasting consists of 2 glasses of white and 2 glasses of red.

“The magic of the smaller casks”

During this whiskey tasting you’ll get to sample a collected few of our 30 litre casks and learn more about how “Mackmyra Reserve” was created. You’ll learn about the elegant cask and the smoky as well as how it’s affected in flavour and majority by being stored in our smaller casks.

Gin tasting with a GT school at our whisky warehouse

On this tasting we’ll take you on a journey in the craftsmanship that makes gin. You’ll get to try Mackmyras award winning and ecological gin in 4 variations. You’ll learn more about gin and what’s distinguished for Mackmyra lab distillery.

Group exercise

Learn to train in a safe way to improve performance and keep good health. Here is where you’ll learn how to exercise in a safe and good way both indoors and outdoors using your body as a tool.  We’ll mix theory with practice and adapt the training exercise from your individual condition.

Challenge your colleague or the boss on a duel!

Our instructors will teach you about the basics of fencing and then you’ll meet in a match, first up to 5 or 10 points. A fencing match can never end in a tie and the one with the most wins that’ll take home the goldmedal. A fencing event can be as an individual competition or as a team challenge. It’s a new way of spending your team time. Just bring a pair of long pants, comfortable shoes and a t-shirt, we’ll provide the rest!