Conference rooms for all sizes of conference parties

At Hällsnäs we offer conference rooms for all sizes of conference groups. Most of our rooms are situated in the main building but we also offer some in our other buildings on the premises.

Idyllic manor with fascinating history

We are the place where companies from far and wide come to get together. No matter how big or small groups we have something for everyone. This is where you focus on teambuilding, mutual activities, kickoffs and conferences. We’ll help you along the way to make your stay as special as we can. All of our rooms come with free wifi, projectors and Tv’s as well as whiteboard, paper and pens.

Our conference rooms

Up to 80 people
Greenland is our biggest conference room. It’s on the ground floor in our newly added building underneath the restaurant. It’s perfect for the ones who want to use it like a cinema or work in groups. This is the same space as our studio where you’re able to cook with one of our chefs.

Up to 32 people
The Faroe islands is situated in our newly built restaurant building just right next door to the restaurant with the lounge area outside your door. Here you’ll enjoy the beautiful view over the lake.

Up to 20 people
In this asymmetric and elongated room there is room for all sizes of conference groups. It’s on the second floor of the house across the courtyard from the main building.

Up to 24 people
Our conference room Bohuslän is just as Västergötland situated in the building across from the main building with a view over the garden and just a stone’s throw away from the lake.

Up to 10 people
Here you’ll get a house all to yourself with generous windowing and an amazing view over the lake. This venue is perfect if you want a terrace to sit on while in conference.

Up to 24 people
Conference room Sweden is on the top floor in our main building. Here you’ll get a lake view and shared rooftop terrace.

Up to 16 people
Norway is just as Sweden on the top floor of our main building, you’ll get the view and the shared terrace here too.

Up to 10 people
Like the other nordic countries this room is on the top floor and is best suited for a smaller meeting.

Up to 6 people
This room is small in size and contains a small seating area and is best as a group room or for an intimate meeting.

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