We want e-invoices in the first place, PDF invoices in the second place and if none of the above can be offered, we will accept paper invoices.

1. E-invoice / PEPPOL
For those of you who can already send electronic invoices such as Sveafaktura or via Peppol, we ask you to contact the e-invoice operator (VAN operator) you hire and ask them to make the set according to the following information:
• Our electronic identifier (organization number) for e-invoices is: 5563113322
• For those of you who send electronic invoices via the European standard PEPPOL, the following PEPPOL ID must be used: 0007: 5563113322

2. PDF invoice
If you can print invoices as PDF files from your business system, send them to the email address below. Important! Send an invoice per PDF file. Scanned PDFs are not accepted.

It is important that the correct invoice address is on the invoice:

Hällsnäs AB
c / o Sälens Högfjällshotell
Cluvers väg 35
780 67 Sälen

3. Paper invoices
For a transitional period, we will for the time being receive paper invoices and other mail at the address below:

Hällsnäs AB
c / o Sälens Högfjällshotell
Clüvers väg 35
780 67 Sälen

Invoices sent to our previous invoice address will be returned.
Please note that the delivery address is not the same as the invoice address.

Invoice requirements for Hällsnäs AB:
• The invoice recipient’s full name and address, ie Hällsnäs AB.
• Invoice date
• Invoice number
• Terms of payment (30 days unless otherwise agreed in advance)
• Clear specification of what the invoice refers to (goods, services, etc.)
• In the address bar; Reference, department must be specified ex. kitchen, hotel etc. Contact your client for this task.
Invoice amount
• The invoice’s VAT amount and current VAT rate
• F-tax
• VAT registration number
• The supplier’s organization number
• Payment information: bank transfer / plus transfer / any bank account number
• Supplier information: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
Interest or other costs based on shortcomings of the above criteria are not accepted.
Payment reminders are always handled, but if the above criteria are not met, any reminder fees and the like will not be accepted.
How do I get started with electronic invoicing?
If you need help or have questions regarding electronic invoicing, or if you can not send invoices according to any of the above electronic alternatives, please contact our contract partner Scancloud AB via e-mail to edi-relations@scancloud.se
Technical questions are referred to Scancloud Support by e-mail edisupport@scancloud.se

With kind regards
The finance team
Hällsnäs AB