Things to do when visiting Hällsnäs

Besides a hotel stay with a mesmerising nature and a restaurant with exceptional food experiences both lunch and dinner, there are loads of things to do when visiting Hällsnäs. Everything from soothing strolls in the pinery settings to lakeswims and rowing trips on the lake.

Sauna & Hot tubs

All of our idyllic surroundings can make anyone long for a hot sauna, a cold swim or why not a cold autumn afternoon a warm dip in our heated hot tubs. This wonderful spa concept is something we offer all year round! Pre book your visit at the reception desk to a mere cost of 200 SEK/pers and then a bathrobe and slippers are available for rental.

Long healthy walks and refreshing runs

Hällsnäs lies in a beautiful scenery with the lake to one side and a pine forest on the other. We know where you find the best trails for cozy walks, strolls and runs. At the reception desk you’re more than welcome to collect a map over a trail of 6,5 km when feeling the urge to put your shoes on and activating both mind and body in a slow pace maner.

If you prefer exercise on two wheels

If you’re up for a more fast pace activity than a walk but still get a healthy dose of the natural setting there’s an opportunity to borrow bicycles at Hällsnäs for the guests of the hotel.


Do you need to stretch your legs for a while? There is a game of kubb available to lend. It’s a real challenge to play in the sloping apple groove or at our wedding venue down by the lakeside.


No matter what age or what kind of constellation you’re here with, a fun activity is always appreciated so if kubb’s not for you we also have a boule set for lending at the reception desk.

With us your able to book Green Fee at a favorable price

After a day on the green you’ll get back here to relax, enjoy a delicious meal and get a good night’s sleep. all in the company of a gorgeous setting,just stop for a second to breath the clean air.

We have a collaboration with several golf clubs nearby in the off chance you want to prolong your stay with us to try different greens. In a short distance you’ll find Hulta Golfklubb, Chalmers Golfklubb och Partille Golfklubb.

Visit our whisky warehouse MACKMYRA

Why not visit our whisky warehouse Mackmyra for an unforgettable experience. Mackmyra is a Swedish whisky from Gävle and we’re very proud over it. Interested in a tour? Or why not book a activity and tasting with our expert Håkan! He’s available at