Mat med känsla. VI bryr oss om mer än bara gästen. 


Our Restaurant


Eating with us is an experience for all the senses. The view of the lake is somewhat magical, and the food is in every way first-class. Here you can find everything from well-designed new ideas to traditional home cooking. Our chef chooses raw materials carefully and after season, often with local anchoring. The constant ambition is to give you a surprising and tasty dining experience. The reviews from our guests say that we succeed well with that ambition.


Swedish Crafts 155: -



Shrimp in horseradish cream, brioche, soured onion and dill 140 :-

Blackened scallop variety on cauliflower, browned crayfish butter and incooked sea buckthorn 145:-

Veal tart with Dijon mayonnaise, deep-fried capers, soured shallots, roasted rye bread  150 :-


Main course

Braised Ox cheek "Bourguignon", parsnips and truffles 245:-

Swedish tenderized steak with roasted potatoes, smoked marrow with parsley butter, haricoverts and red wine sauce 325:-

Deep-fried Torbay sole, dill, mayonnaise roasted broccoli, potato and pickled cucumber 225:-

Baked cod with baked Jerusalem artichoke cream, deep-fried shells, raw planed apple, roasted potatoes and lobster sauce 315:-



Lemon cake with vanilla ice cream and raw lingonberry 125:-

Cloudberry parfait with cola cream and almond cake 125:-

Coffee Candy 45:-




Our headchef

We are happy and proud to present Niklas Eriksson as our new headchef.

Niklas started his career practicing in Spain and France and then working on some of Gothenburg's best restaurants b la Swedish Taste

Together with his chefs, he cooks everything from classic home cooking to modern Scandinavian food, based on local and organic ingredients. "



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