sjolager interior


At the far end of Landvettersjön, you will find Hällsnäs and Mackmyra whisky warehouse by the lake (Sjölagret).
Hällsnäs classic manor house was built in 1906 surrounded by fantastic nature and
has since then been a place for enjoyment, socializing and relaxation.
In recent years, the plant has expanded towards the goal of becoming the optimal place for both
weddings, conferences and weekend guests. Despite the secluded surroundings, it is easy to get 
here at approximately 20 minutes from Gothenburg or Landvetter airport.

As a barrels owner, you can easily visit the lake warehouse to see how your whisky develops.
You can then try your whisky directly adjacent to the lake warehouse or on the porch outside overlooking the lake.

“The demand for storing their personal 30-liter barrels near Gothenburg has long been high among Mackmyra's customers.
After a long-time search have we now found the perfect place and partner in Hällsnäs.
Here we have built Sweden's most modern whisky store where we combine a very good location together with a high
ambition regarding food and drink. ”Eric Bräck, Mackmyra


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