Wedding at Hällsnäs


A magic scene for weddings.
At the far end of a headland, in the middle of the lake you will find Hällsnäs. The fact that we are surrounded by lake in all directions makes the air clearer and the magic bigger. On the side that does not consist of water, dense and mysterious pine forests thrive. A more romantic place is difficult to find, and yet we are just a quarter away from both Gothenburg and Landvetter airport.
In safe hands.
In addition to the twisted bridal couple, the given topics of conversation during dinner are usually the somewhat spectacular view from our dining room. It is only a few hundred meters from the shore edge and may need some time to get used to it. Up to 220 guests can enjoy the view, the good kitchen and the setting from the last century. Today, the newly built wing, wrapped in black wood with copper details, is an equally popular banquet hall as our classic manor house.
Many bridal couples choose to venture on the grass next to the beach edge or on the grass hut at the small bastilion. But the very best way to get a feel for what it is just for you is of course to visit us. Warm welcome
We look forward to organizing your wedding
At Hällsnäs we have many years of experience in arranging weddings & parties. We offer exclusive dining rooms from 20 up to 220 guests, all of which have access to the terrace & with magnificent panoramic view of the lake.
Of course, we have a professional wedding team that will help you with the whole arrangement - from planning to implementation. Through the years we have arranged everything from organic weddings to torch weddings, classic weddings by boat, own train or by horse & cart.
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