The perfect venue for events and weddings

We’ve had many occasions to celebrate here at Hällsnäs and we hope for many more to come. With our beautiful scenery surrounded with pinery and the shimmering lake, the easy access to the big city but the calmness and serenity of a mansion in the countryside we dare say this is the perfect location for any type of event, party or wedding.

Modernly restored with an appreciation of the old combine here

Some days in life are worth celebrating a bit extra don’t you think? We’d like to think so and that’s why we put a lot of love and heart into making every event here special, whether it’s celebrating a big birthday, just getting friends together or a wedding. Our chefs provide food in top class and we deliver service at a high standard, all to give you the best experience possible. Only the best is good enough the way we see it.

Hotel rooms
Sea cottage cabinet suites
Double room small
Double room standard

Event at Hällsnäs

Booking your event here at Hällsnäs is always special. We’ve experienced all of life’s curves from birthdays, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, friends and family to weddings and saying goodby to your loved ones. We’ve been through them all and made each one of them special.