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“Mackmyras whiskey warehouse is a part of a culinary center for people interested in food and beverage. Our ambition is to be the natural choice for food and beverage on the west coast.”

MACKMYRA - The swedish original since 1999

The idéa of a Swedish whisky was born in a ski lodge in Sälen 1998. There were eight friends from school that according to tradition met every year to go skiing, that under a dinner by accident they noticed that everyone of them had brought a bottle of whisky. It was here that the most unusual idéa took form. They wanted to create the first Swedish malt whisky.

“Why is there no production of whisky in Sweden?” one of them asked but since no one could answer the question hung in the air…

There is no long tradition of making whisky in Sweden. The friends found it to be very weird, why had no one started it before? This is where their research started to explore the possibility to make a Swedish single malt whisky. Everywhere they turned there were endless possibilities. Less than a year later in 1999 Mackmyra Svensk Whisky was founded with the intent to create a whisky with a clear Swedish touch. Later that year all the permits were clear and the first drops could be distilled. During the first years there were focuses on small batches and experiments. In 2001 two recipes were determined, one elegant and fruity and the other with smokeyness imprinted by Sweden. It is now these two that gives the meaning to the words Swedish malt whisky.

A stroke of luck then led to Mackmyras development of the 30- litre cask with it’s format being smaller made the whisky mature more quickly and more intensely. Even the smokey flavour is being made by hand with Swedish peat and brittle juniper twigs.

Last year Mackmyra Svensk Whisky celebrated its 20th jubilee. The whisky is still made with the same discovered joy and lust to experiment as when it started all those years ago.

“After a long time search, we’ve now found the perfect place and partner in Hällsnäs. It’s here we’ll build Sweden’s most modern whiskey warehouse where we combined a great location with a high passion for food and beverages.”

Eric Bräck, Mackmyra

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The Mackmyra warehouse is one of our flagships and a great pride here at Hällsnäs

Hällsnäs School of whisky

Hällsnäs school of whisky is a regular event occurring here at Hällsnäs. Here you get to learn about the complete journey from idéa to the finished product, held by Håkan Jortby. It’s Håkan aka Mr. Whisky that’s in charge of the warehouse here at Hällsnäs.

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