Learn more about whisky in three steps

Hällsnäs whiskey school is a standing whiskey event at Hällsnäs. Here, those who love whiskey can learn about the entire barrel journey, from start to finish, by Håkan Jortby, who is responsible for Mackmyra’s whiskey warehouse at Hällsnäs.

Hällsnäs School of Whisky

With a passion for whiskey in general and Mackmyra in particular, Håkan Jortby is responsible for our warehouse at Hällsnäs. It’s not only the whiskey in it’s komplexity that attracts him but everything behind it. Often when talking about history we speak in past tense but with whiskey you could say that you live in the now but enjoy the past.

In Hällsnäs School of Whiskey you get to learn about the three stages of the cask.

“My intention with this school is to give a glimpse in the wonderful world of whiskey. We will travel from the 1490’s all the way til the present.”

Håkan Jortby

For more information and reservations contact hakan@hallsnas.se


This is where we learn the basics about all kinds of whiskey and their inheritage. Step 1 (which is available all year round) is well suited for first time cask buyers as well as for you who need a bit of fresching up on your knowledge.

Price: 395 SEK /person
Time: 1,5-2h


This is where we go further in on Swedish whiskey, sampling technique and the build of the whiskey season.

During step 2 we’ll taste the seasonal whiskey, disassemble the different parts of the whiskey and begin to understand how to play with different finishes on the cask. This step will run in parallel with step 1.

Price: 450 SEK/ person
Time: 1,5-2h


Now we’re apoching expert level. This is where we learn about Moment and get to try the more elaborate and exclusive whiskeys by Mackmyra Moment. During step 3 we’ll try a selected few from the Moment series to discover their complexity and maturity.

Pris: 995:- per person
Tid: 1,5 – 2 timmar

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