Whisky tastings and event for the connoisseur

Mackmyra’s whisky warehouse is one of our flagships and one of our prides here at Hällsnäs. It’s hard to describe the experience of taking a step into our little world of the finest Swedish whisky in just one word. This is something you have to experience first hand. That’s why we highly recommend you to book a tasting or an event with us.

A successful collaboration

Mackmyra was founded 1999 and is since then the high roller in Swedish whisky circuits. The year 2019 Mackmyra celebrated 20 years in the business and even though it’s been 20 years they still make it with the same joy and enthusiasm as when they started. They searched for a long time after the right location and partner to build Sweden’s most modern whisky warehouse and after many wrong turns the choice finally fell on Hällsnäs. Today we’re incredibly proud and happy to be partners and host several tastings and events so don’t hesitate to contact us to make your own event.

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