Choose barrel type, recipe, storage location
and pickup point.
The barrel filling.

When you have made your choices it is time to fill the barrel,
you can see it happen if you want to, an experience
which we highly recommend
Your barrels name.

When your barrel is full you have the opportunity to
nail a brass placard with your barrels name. 
If you do not have the opportunity to attend, we do it for you

Try your whisky.

Now comes the time when you get the chance to try
and evaluate your whisky.
We recommend you to try once a year to be able to follow
the process and decide when it is 
time for bottling.

Are you satisfied with the taste? Lovely! Book your in
barrel for bottling so you soon have your own
bottles of single cask. The bottles are picked up at
selected pickup points. Now you can finally
enjoy your own unique whisky.